How to: Share Adventures with Your Dog

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Monday 7:00 am - wave goodbye to your dog and head to work.

Tuesday 7:00 am - wave goodbye to your dog and head to work.

Wednesday 7:00 am - wave goodbye to your dog and head to work.

Thursday 7:00 am - wave goodbye to your dog and head to work.

Friday 7:00 am - wave goodbye to your dog and head to work.

Saturday 7:00 am - wave goodbye to your dog and head for the mountains. 

Wait, that can't be right. 

"Please take me with you!"

Sometimes it is, though. If, like most, you work a full-time job, your pet spends so much time at home without you. When the weekend rolls around, it's time for play! But it can seem so daunting to take your pet on your adventures with no idea where to start. With a few tips, some trial and error, and an open mind, your dog can adventure virtually everywhere with you!


Tips and Tricks 

  1.  Establish a trusting relationship with your pet: it's crucial to be comfortable with your pet wherever you take them. If they have excellent recall, feel free to hike them off leash. However, unless you are 100% confident your dog will come back to you in an emergency situation, leash em up!
  2. Prepare your pet for the new activity: whether it's hiking, kayaking, paddle boarding, climbing (Fido can watch from below), or biking - ensure that your pet is familiar with the activity and introduce the activity in small doses. Before hitting the lake, make sure your dog (or cat - like suki) is familiar with the kayak, paddles, splashing water, can control himself around waterfowl and boats etc. 
  3. Research the location: while many locations are pet-friendly, almost all of them have rules that you and your pet must adhere to. Research them before you go. If you find a location that doesn't allow pets, don't get discouraged - there are plenty of other options if you have an open mind. 
  4. Consider their needs: if the adventure requires you to pack food for yourself, pack a snack for you pet too. Always pack potable water and a small bowl for them. It's important to consider their comfort too, if you're going to walking on shale or rough terrain, consider getting hiking boots for your pet like these ones by Ruffwear. 
  5. Remember what's important: bringing your pet along on adventures is about bonding with your pet, enjoying time together, and letting them have fun. Pets are highly intuitive and can sense discomfort/anxiety/anger - try to relax and don't sweat the small stuff, your pet will thank you.
Canmore, Alberta
Rawson Lake, Alberta (check out those booties!)
Blue Grouse Mountain, BC

So, what are you waiting for? Next time you grab your Scarpas and daypack don't forget to grab a leash, too!

Easton is a big fan of muddy fur. 

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