Godafoss, Iceland

iceland , waterfalls
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510 steps
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389 m
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218 cal
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76 m

Although this is a highly populated tourist stop its a Must See! With a series of 2 waterfalls with the largest being over 12m high and 30m wide and a beautiful glacier blue it was well worth walking around the groups of people to get the best angles. I would stop here again in a heartbeat if I were back in country!  

In the year 999 or 1000 the lawspeaker Þorgeir Ljósvetningagoði made Christianity the official religion of Iceland. According to a modern myth, it is said that upon returning from the Alþingi, Þorgeir threw his statues of the Norse gods into the waterfall. The story of Þorgeir's role in the adoption of Christianity in Iceland is preserved in Ari Þorgilsson's Íslendingabók. "Íslendingabók", however, makes no mention of Þorgeir throwing his idols into Goðafoss. A window in Akureyrarkirkja, the Cathedral of Akureyri, illustrates this story. - Wikipedia


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