Hraunfossar Falls, Iceland

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292 steps
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223 m
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150 cal
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57 m

Compared to most of the other falls in and around the Reykjavik area this one had the least amount of tourists and was our top stop for experiencing raw beauty. The falls are a total of 900m long and the water is a very appealing bright blue.


Water travels from a nearby glacier and travels underneath the lava field. It has the appearance of "appearing out of nowhere and cascading in a beautiful waterfall.


When you park in the parking lot there is a paved trail for all of the regular tourist traffic. If you head downstream of the walkway there is a place to get close and personal with the river and walk along the edges. Beautiful spots for so long exposure pictures and feeling the mist from the falls.


Upstream of the 900m long Hraunfossar falls there is another waterfall called Barnafoss. Its name, the waterfall of the children, comes from an accident which is said to have taken place here in former times. There was a natural bridge over the waterfall and two children from a nearby farm fell to their deaths crossing the river on the bridge. Afterwards, the grief-struck mother had the bridge destroyed. - Wikipedia

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