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Bruarfoss is a waterfall near the Golden Circle highlights of Gullfoss and Geysir. It is lesser-known and a requires a bit of light hiking to get there, which detracts the tour busses. What I loved about this Iceland waterfall is that there are no man made viewing decks, no signs, just you and nature. It was so exhilarating to get up close and personal with the crest of the waterfall over the cliff. If you're looking for a place to enjoy the sound of rushing water, solitude, and fresh air, I'd recommend you put Bruarfoss on your itinerary for and Iceland roadtrip.

Since we did this hike without looking into it, we had no idea what we should expect as the falls. When we reached a set of real waterfalls (not just rapids), we assumed we'd reached Bruarfoss. Upon returning and having a look at the satellite map, it's clear that we should've pressed on about 500 m to reach the final destination.  Learn from our mistake - the hike should be about 1.5 kms in and 1.5 kms out!

For Google Maps Coordinates to Parking lot click here 


When we arrived to this spot we thought we had reached some very small falls. Luckily we trudged on and were rewarded shortly afterward! 


You can stand right at the edge! This was such a cool set of falls and being a bit of a trek in, we were allllll by ourselves here. Would highly recommend if you’re near the golden circle but don’t want to be surrounded by your busses. 

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